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The past year I decided to make some healthy changes to my life. Yogirya® came into my life at the exact right moment. A solid workout which combines power, yoga, stretching and relaxation with music, fantastic! My body is changing, getting leaner while gaining muscle and feeling better. Yogirya® helpt me to stay motivated and reach my goals. I've never felt so energized!
Katja Coninx
As a personal trainer I lost my heart (and a lot of sweat) to this fantastic and efficient way of working out. Every element of a complete training session is being covered in my opinion.
We start off with a warm-up consisting of Yoga related excercises, the Sun Salutation,Power Yoga and, my favourite part, some Tabata training. We kick it into high gear with HIIT training, time to sweat! After all that hard work we take our time to stretch properly and put our minds at ease with some mindfulness. Love it!
Sally Van Landeghem
I try to take weekly Yogirya® classes. 
I absolutely love it because it's so much fun! It starts with an easy warm-up, an intense work-out and then it's time for a cooldown! All that in only 45 minutes. Yogirya® gives me the opportunity to have an effective training while having a busy life. My stamina got better and my muscles got stronger! I'm looking forward to the next class!
Elfi Bollen
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