What does Yogirya® mean?

Yogi: refers to someone who does yoga – Girya means kettlebell in Russian.

Yogirya® is the perfect balance between intensity and relaxation!

You will experience the best of both worlds in just a session of 45 minutes.

Do you want to be part of it? Let’s unite and get this challenge started!

You can also become an instructor

The Yogirya team


Become stronger

Doing exercises with a kettlebell strengthens your muscles. You might feel it burn a little bit. But that’s a good sign! Strengthening your muscles also benefits your posture.

Become slimmer

Burn up to 600 Kcal in one session! The HIIT exercises will make sure that your body fat decreases in a fun way.


Yogirya® is the ideal combination between having fun and working out. Yes, smiling and sweating can be combined!


HIIT will make your heart race! This is the intense part of Yogirya®. It’s a great way to improve your stamina. Exercises such as running and jumping with a kettlebell will strengthen your core, legs, back and arm muscles.


Yoga is the key to relaxation. We’ll free your mind together! Because of the fact that Yogirya® is quite intense, we start and end every session with yoga movements.

Licensed instructors

Every session is given by a licensed instructor. An instructor is holder of an official certificate and valid license. Want to become a Yogirya® instructor? Click here

What does a session look like?

Every session starts by doing a warm up in yogastyle. We’ll free your mind and bring some peace.

Then it’s time to push yourself to the limit! Grab your kettlebell and strengthen your muscles.

Burn baby, burn! Time for some fat burning.

5 exercises of 4 minutes each for your core, legs, back and arm muscles. The special Yogirya® music will motivate you throughout the workout. How many calories you burn per session? Up to 600 Kcal!

After all the sweating, it’s time for a cool down.  This includes stretching and doing yoga movements to relax. You’ll feel reborn after a full Yogirya® workout!